Sports Specific Training


Functional training is the best way to enhance sports performance. Weight lifting or a running routine alone do not increase dynamic sport specific strength. A boxer shouldn’t train like a tennis player and a golfer shouldn’t train like a baseball player. Different sports require different strengths and abilities and therefore different training. Whereas weight lifting and running can give you some crossover benefit, refined ability necessitates the use of dynamic movement in the proper plane motion for each sport. Strength, speed of movement, alignment, balance, flexibility and coordination are all components of athleticism.

For me, sport-specific training has been a key part of my success in athletics. As a varsity high school athlete, I train at a high level and running and crunches do not cut it when I am preparing for an upcoming season or transitioning between swimming and rowing. Both sports require explosive power in the legs – power on the drive in crew, and a quick, hard  leap on the start during swimming. With Eldin, I worked on this by doing lots of resistance jumps and moves  that required quick feet. Since both sports are anything but static, my specific workouts kept me moving and we often did timed stations. Since the sessions were one-on-one I knew that I could go fast and trust that Eldin would not allow me to get injured with bad form. He altered exercises for my flexibility to prevent injury. He also kept my body balanced by changing focuses each session. When I was preparing for my crew season after swimming I met with him almost everyday for two weeks, and no two days were the same. Some days we worked with small isometric movements, some days were cardiovascular stamina days, some were incredibly explosive, and others were lots of stretching and balance focused. While each day was specific to me and my sports, the training model as a whole improved my flexibility and stamina overall as an athlete.  Eldin’s understanding of body mechanics and the way the body works together, not just whether my legs were getting stronger, allowed my body to get stronger to support stronger legs and prevent injury so I could fully contribute my strength to my teams.


I have been training with my father Eldin since I was 5 years old. I was involved in different sports all throughout my life. My dad helped me build my strength and stamina to help me succeed in the sport of Football specifically. His sport training helped me become a three year varsity Football player but most importantly New Triers’ Varsity Football first team captain. All the training he had me do has prepared me tremendously.  Without his guidance towards the sport training I couldn’t see myself accomplishing the goals that I have.


Working out with Eldin changed my life. When I first arrived I thought I was healthy and in good shape, but twice a week with Eldin I was proven wrong. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I spent an hour getting my butt kicked to near exhaustion. He knew exactly how far and how hard to push me. When I went to college in Montana I had to cease my biweekly visits, but I left with a knowledge of how to stay healthy. Now I visit my local gym with a knowledge of everything from how to stretch properly to how to build a solid workout plan.

Anthony Sernus played high school football at New Trier and continued playing in college at Denison University in Granville, Ohio. He played linebacker and was team captain his senior year. He has known Eldin since he was a little kid and truly enjoys training with him. “Eldin incorporates a fantastic mix of strength training, aerobic training, and great exercises to improve mental toughness. The exercises translate directly into sport specific movements that helped with athletics but even now that my football playing days are over it’s great training with Eldin because he covers all the aspects strength, cardio, and mobility/flexibility”.