General Fitness


Working out with a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals sooner, safer and generally with better results than exercising alone at home or at gym. A comprehensive exercise program such as body resistance flexibility or weight training can ward off reverse type 2 diabetes, increase bone density, improve proprioception (balance function), decrease fat, increase VO2 max index (cardiovascular function), and even elevate mood levels.

Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

I have been a client of Mr. Eldin Pekmez for 8 years. I started working with him because I liked his approach to personal training. He is a true personal trainer, who works with one person at a time and designs individual training for each person. As an older woman, I appreciate his sensitivity to my limitations and his knowledge in designing the program which fits my personal needs. In addition to his qualities as a trainer, Mr. Pekmez has a nice and pleasant personality which makes working with him a true pleasure (as much as exercise can be).

Eldin has been my trainer for the past 11 years.  We began working together in 2004 when I was a senior partner in a large law firm. At the time I was 58 years old and had some minor health issues.   Eldin put me on a regular exercise program. He emphasized consistency accompanied by diversification.  His routine included cardio, strength, balance and stability, but always with a different mix. As a former Olympic athlete, Eldin has a wealth of knowledge and experience. His “hands on” personal approach has allowed me to achieve a level of fitness beyond my expectations. I am proud to have Eldin as my trainer and I  heartily recommend him.

I started training with Eldin in my early 50’s. I hadn’t exercised seriously since high school. Now I had some important goals–I wanted to hike with my son in the west, transfer my disabled daughter safely at her doctor appointments, and play with my young grandchildren. My friends were beginning to break their hips and wrists in falls–I needed to avoid that. And vigorous exercise was helping me manage depression. I’ll be 60 in October and still bike, hike, transfer and even ski. Life is good.

Acting on a friend’s recommendation, I started training with Eldin for about 1 year.  The results have exceeded my expectations!  I have lost over 10 pounds which have stayed off.  I also feel much stronger and more fit.  On as recent bike ride, my husband was impressed by how I was not struggling to keep up as I did in the past.

My experience at True Fitness has been terrific.  The improvements in my coordination, flexibility and physical stamina are evident.  I am a better weekend warrior on the tennis court, the golf course and keeping up with my active wife and daughter.  I recommend Eldin’s approach for anyone wanting to build a better body for an active lifestyle or handling life’s stresses.

Wilmette, IL

I have been working with Eldin for over 9 years.  I am active in my career and travel frequently so I appreciate having a trainer that can accommodate a flexible scheduling requirement.   While reasonably self-motivated in my approach to fitness,  I appreciate Eldin’s support in helping me push myself to another level in a safe environment with a combination of strength, stability and endurance workouts.  Perhaps most importantly, I feel a good sense of accomplishment after a session and look forward to scheduling our next.  No matter what your level of fitness, I am confident Eldin will tailor a program to help you meet your fitness goals.


Exercise is good for us, no matter why we do it. Regular exercise will help you:

* Develop Strong Muscles and bones;
* Develop a strong heart and lungs;
* Develop flexible joints;
* Feel relaxed and confident;
* Develop coordination and skill; and
* Provide opportunities for social interactions